Follow Up on Yo Mama

As commenter Sarah kind of said below, it seems like Gates has been portrayed by the media as the villain and Crowley as the cop just doing his job. But now that we know Crowley falsified his report regarding the 911 call, what does that mean for the “Yo mama” situation? Crowley claims he said it, but he also claimed that the call specified two black males breaking in to a home, which it didn’t. I’m just saying, isn’t the cop the one that should be apologizing for acting…mmm…how do I say…stupidly?

It’s very hard for me to accept, that with these facts, that the officer acted did not act stupidly and indeed, by his lights, did what exactly what he was supposed to do. It is very hard for me to accept that 59 year old dude with a cane, has as much responsibility in this situation as man, empowered by law, to carry a gun and arrest people. The argument seems to be that greater power does not actually bring greater responsibility.

The whole thing is over–or it will be after the beerfest tomorrow–but it still should be noted that Gates has always been the innocent-until-proven-guilty-guy who was arrested for the very arbitrary “disorderly conduct,” which may or may not involve shouting at a police officer after being accused of breaking into his own house and not kissing cop ass sufficiently.

Anyway, Yo mama so stupid she took a ruler to bed with her to see how long she slept. Oh, and one more thing: Yo mama so fat and stupid that she was fired from “Forrest Gump” cuz she kept eating the box of chocolates.


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