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It’s just too nice and I am too busy to comment yet on Obama’s speech today, which I haven’t seen or heard but only briefly read about. And apparently Cheney gave one too. Why? Isn’t he done? Well, I’ve been pondering a post here in which I complain about what President Obama has NOT done yet, but it is still too early for that, I think. But as Greenwald says in that link, “closing Guantanamo, banning torture tactics, (and) limiting the state secrets privilege” are all at the top of the list. The war in Iraq needs to end, and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” needs to end. Obama needs to come out more forcefully (and he may have today, I don’t know) against the way it was under Cheney.

It would be nice if he supported gay marriage with some cool Obama enthusiasm. Snap his fingers and jazz up a little number.

But I am underinformed at the moment, and distracted by pleasant realities to argue about it, and the sun is shining on me and my baby. So it goes when summer comes to Chicago.


Put it on his tombstone:

Cheney declared, without any equivocation or nuance, that “in the fight against terrorism, there is no middle ground.” It was less an argument than a declaration. It was a vivid reminder of where he stands, and how he thinks. If nothing else, it is a perfect epitaph for a philosophy, and an era of American history that has, at least for the moment, been thoroughly rejected by the sitting President of the United States.

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