World Wide Waste

I’m so bored with the blogs. There’s just nothing good to read out there anymore. There’s the tabloids, Huffington and Drudge, but Drudge is not even interesting anymore in a ridiculous way, it’s just stupid. Well, it was always stupid but it’s worse now. I like HuffPo just because it’s got everything, from politics to entertainment to hot pix of porn stars, but it’s pretty fluffy. Drudge is just limp.

I used to like reading some conservative sites just to see how silly they were but they’re all boring now too. The Corner is unreadable. I stopped reading Instapundit a million years ago. I could never stomach Malkin and Red State is just pure idiocy.

I never had much time for the left-wing blogs either though. I think I stopped reading The Daily Kos before the 2004 election, and I got tired of Atrios/Eschaton before that.  I tried reading Ann Althouse’s blog (not left-wing at all) but it was just tedious, and her comment section is hopelessly right-wing. Sullivan is still interesting to me because he’s neither, but other than that I don’t know where else to go.

I read the Tribune, Ebert, Pitchfork, Stereogum, NY Times, a few others…but man, I’m bored. Has the internet jumped the shark?


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