With Friends Like These…

It’s sad, but I pretty much agree with what this person wrote to Sullivan:

I can’t remember the last time I felt such overwhelming rage toward a group of people as I have felt toward the Republican Party and the conservative movement since President Obama’s election…I simply cannot grasp what motivates these people, what compels them to thwart even the smallest attempts to clean up the enormous destruction they wrought under Bush and Cheney. Irresponsible, hateful, mendacious, sleazy, destructive – these words do not even begin to describe them.

Maybe not rage, but certainly great frustration at the system and its ability to impede progress. But really, as much toward the Democratic party and its amazing inefficiency.  This election in Massachusetts tomorrow appears to be a nail in the coffin of health care reform, and if so, well, it’s really a pathetic epilogue to the death of Ted Kennedy. Talk about spinning in the grave…

With a candidate like–what’s her name? Coakley?–and a party as testicle-challenged as the Democratic Party, Obama needs no enemies. Or, as Jon Stewart just said  as I typed this (paraphrased): It’s not that the GOP is playing chess and the Democrats are playing checkers; it’s that the GOP is playing chess and the Democrats are in the nurse’s office because they glued their balls to their leg again.


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