Where’s Secretary Ayers?

President-Elect Obama has been putting together his cabinet, while I have been busy with my own–Booze Cabinet, that is–stocking the shelves for the long winter ahead. Plenty of tequila, Bailey’s and Kahlua. Probably should get some whiskey though. But enough about me. I see that some are surprised, or disappointed in his choices so far; they’re not liberal enough or some such thing?

Yeah! Why hasn’t Bill Ayers been appointed as Secretary of Defense?!? What about Rev. Wright? Shouldn’t he be heading some faith-based cabinet post that will be in charge of Damning America, by God? “America! Goddamn thee!”

Are there people who really believed–still believe?–that Obama (the most liberal senator in the world!) was going to appoint far-left fringe characters to run his administration? I mean, besides the ones who think he’s about to head the Socialist Revolution and muzzle Rush Limbaugh?

In case it’s not totally obvious (and it is and has been for most of this campaign), Obama is going to surround himself with people who are competent and who may not necessarily agree with him. Some may be progressive-thinking folks and some may be conservative-minded; some may actually be moderate. See, this is the opposite of Bush. Say no to yes men. Embrace intelligent debate. Move past labels and parties and just be capable. And get things done. It seems like a small order, but apparently in Washington it’s damn near impossible. Until now.


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