We Hope That You Choke

This is funny: there’s been an apparent uptick in concern by Republicans over the size of the deficit since…December. It’s almost as if it didn’t exist until the responsibility left the previous president’s hands, in the eyes of Republicans at least. I know that this is part of the plan: everything was fine before Obama was elected; why’s he screwing everything up? But come on, this is that same fantasy-based act that we’ve seen for eight years and it’s getting old.

It’s a little weird how opposing the Iraq war and disagreeing with the execution of it were considered unpatriotic, but now, somehow, hoping for the president to fail–actually coming out and saying it–is cheered by the right. Not surprising, I suppose, but still. Shameless! But hey, they have a right to say it; dissent IS patriotic. Even when it makes absolutely no sense at all.


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