Too Much Tequila

So today I was walking along with my baby and we got to a corner and there was a guy lying there on the ground. Sleeping? Dead? A couple of ladies were standing around and they looked at me: “Habla Espanol?” Nope. Not really. It was apparent that they wanted me to do something, make a call, so I got my phone out and dialed 911. They got there pretty quick and so we all watched as the firemen got out of their truck and went over to the guy.

I had no idea but the way his fingers were kind of clawed by his side made me think maybe…maybe he’s not really alive. So these firemen go over and start shaking the guy. “Come on, buddy, wake up!” Sure enough, he pops right up! One of the ladies looks at me and we kind of smile and she says “Too much tequila.”

Then we all just turned and went on with our day, but every time I told the story afterward it made me laugh.


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