Time to Wash Our Hands of the Inaugural Balls

Yesterday was a day of joy, a day of cheer. Despite the subpar poet and Rick Warren’s presence, despite the slightly flubbed oath and Obama’s sober speech, it was a huge day and a great moment. I have spent the past eight years or so imparting my words of wisdom to the masses (HUGE masses!), trying to teach right-wingers to stop being so goddamn ignorant and preaching to a choir of liberal-minded folks. Now it is time for the first and most important lesson for left-wingers.

We have watched the apologists for Bush ignore reality year after year and look where it got us. That sober speech Obama gave is the result of eight years of Republican rule; they really created a hell of a mess. But now the cheerleaders are gone, chastened, or just plain in denial, like Bill Kristol. And this is not the time to pick up where they left off. Politics is not a sport and politicians shouldn’t be cheered like star players or booed like underperforming goats, even though Bush deserved it yesterday.

(Na na hey hey, don’t let the door hit you in the ass…)

It’s a simple lesson: Don’t do what they did. Obama deserves some time to enact his agenda, and the messes won’t be cleaned up overnight, but for shit’s sake, let’s leave the cheerleaders behind with the Bush Administration and, as the Prez says, act responsibly. Really, the lesson is the same as it was for right-wingers: don’t be such a dumb ass. They failed miserably. So don’t do the same.


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