They Loves Not to Know

It appears that Sarah Palin doesn’t want to give any interviews. I can see why. She seems to have little knowledge of the issues and what the office of VP entails, and those investigations are just getting warmed up. Lots of questions to be answered. Problem is, “the Base” is used to accepting their candidates with blind faith, and are notoriously against any kind of “questioning” of their kind. To paraphrase Chris Rock, they “love not to know.”* Truth is like kryptonite to the Base!

(I do see that they’ve lost that nutjob Charles Krauthammer. Ouch. That guy usually eats whatever shit the GOP feeds him.)

You know what will suck though, is if they get elected–McCain and Palin–you know that the same dumbasses that took eight years to realize how bad Bush was are going to be just as slow with these two. And we’ll have to sit and complain about it until they finally realize they were wrong, like they all were about Bush. And yet it won’t teach them anything. ‘Cause they love not to know.

No, no way. Not this year. It’s not going to happen.

* Reference is at the 3:00 mark of this hilarious and NSFW video by Chris Rock.


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