The War Criminals in Our Midst

I know that America can’t get over The Bachelor–and that is important stuff–but all of that other stuff that was going on under our noses for eight years or so is now coming to light, and it’s kinda ugly. In fact, someone described it as a “theory of presidential dictatorship.” They are referring to the memos on presidential power that John Yoo, for the most part, wrote for the Bush Administration. Liberals and non-liberals were dismissed as crazy deranged Bush-haters for pointing out this stuff as it was happening, but, umm…it was happening.

“I agree with the left on this one,” said Orin Kerr, a law professor at George Washington University. The approach in the memos “was simply not a plausible reading of the case law.

That’s very big of the professor, to agree with the left. Especially now that it’s 2009. Where were you when you were needed, dummy? Eating freedom fries and wiping the grease off your mouth with the flag like the rest of the right-wingin’ nuts?

What we just lived through was an attack on the Constitution of the United States, conducted by the president and vice-president and an array of apparatchiks.The theory undergirding it renders the entire constitution subject to one man’s prerogative. The conservative blogosphere – who resolutely ignored this in deference to their Caesar – now bleats about Obama’s alleged threat to the constitution!

Andrew Sullivan

The conservative blogosphere and the right-wing media reacted to any concerns of this nature with fierce cries for patriotism and ignorance. Are any of these people embarrassed by this now, I wonder? (Answer: No!) Here’s the thing: Obama will never get away with what Bush and his gang did, and that’s because not only will the right suddenly, and hypocritically, find their voice (they already have), but the left will as well (and already have). That’s how it should be. Who would ever dream of giving loyalty to a president the way they did for Bush? Oh, right. Right.

Now, when are the war crimes going to be accounted for?


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