The Return of MaM

As promised, finally, Milk at Midnight presents some new music off the forthcoming, as-yet-untitled album! Check them out at MilkSpace! Two songs are up for now (we’ll probably switch these around with time), “Less Love, More Acid” and “Kristol Ball.” And, for those who care, here are the lyrics for “Kristol Ball,” dedicated to anyone who has ever been wrong about everything, all the time:

On camera with a face only a mother could love
Geritol / Kristol Ball / carry the water

A casting call / pimp for war / Irving’s son / hear me roar
Siren song / always wrong / Kristol Ball / broken

Bury it deep in the sand
As fairness would demand
I hear the hawks
Circle us
A funeral march

Oh, pretty war / T.V. whore / all the facts / under attack
It’s eighth grade math / broken glass / Kristol Ball / shattered

And when you wake up at 3am / old hands shaking / a shell of a man
And when you wake up at 3am / did you lock the front door? / did you piss the bed?


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