The Plumber-in-Chief

I am amazed that here we are, two months in (actually two months on Friday) and President Obama has not fixed everything! I mean, how much time does he need? 100 days?

I like to think of it like this: George Bush took a dump in toilets all over the country and didn’t flush, that dirty bastard! Naturally, the toilets not only need some flushin’ but also some scrubbin’. And the pipes aren’t exactly in tip-top shape either, but that’s not so easy to discover unless you really get in there and get your hands dirty. Is it a pvc pipe or metal? Did Laura put her hair in their too? Lots of questions. So it’s kind of a big messy job.

Or: I think that you’ve gotta step back and give it a little bit of time. This isn’t going to happen overnight.


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