The Most Dangerous Drugs Are The Legal Ones

Had a conversation with someone about the “War on Drugs” — a war which is fought with more vigor and persistence than the delusionary “War on Terror,” but with similar results — and to say we disagreed would be fair. Of course it is alcohol, the drug I abuse most, that is amongst the most dangerous drugs available, and legally I might add. Marijuana, on the other hand, has never killed anyone, ever, in the entire history of the world. You can try and try but the shit just won’t do the trick! And yet it remains illegal, for reasons I cannot fathom.

As Bill Maher points out in his latest, brilliant, New Rules, Anna Nicole Smith had an entire pharmacy inside of her, a cache of legal and deadly drugs that, of course, killed her. My conversation/disagreement was with a high school dean and stemmed from the fact that high school students near graduation were being expelled for possessing pot on school grounds and charged with felonies. Can you imagine? If only they were possessing Rush Limbaugh’s preferred drug, Oxycontin! Talk about graduating with honors!

Put it another way: a cop like Anthony Abbate can sit in a bar, drink, demand to be served well past the point of intoxication and beat the tiny woman bartender when refused, and then go out and arrest teenagers for possessing a tiny bag of marijuana, forever altering the course of their life. This is your bullshit “War on Drugs.”


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