The Hillary Situation

I’ve had a post saved in here for a while that I haven’t published called “What’s Wrong with Hillary?” Pretty self-explanatory, but I wanted to try and figure out what it was that bothered me about her, or why she was third in my book (Obama and Edwards being the first two). I didn’t really have a great answer for it, but instead of just saying that she’s Not Bill, I can only say that she’s Not Obama. This post won’t do much better.

Still, I don’t understand what she has done to earn such hatred from certain segments of people. I’ve seen things written and things said by journalists, psuedo-journalists, and everyday people that defy explanation; they really dislike her. But what has she done?

A small group of very loud people hated Bill Clinton when he was president, but it was mainly because he got a blow job from someone who wasn’t his wife and lied about it, and that really got some people angry. He left office with a 65% approval rating. Hillary became a senator in New York and was doing a fairly comptent job, getting re-elected in 2006 with almost 70% of the vote. She has long been considered the front-runner to become the Democratic candidate for president. She is obviously quite intelligent and well-liked by her constituents.

OK. So what’s the problem?

There’s a thing that right-wingers like to call BDS–Bush Derangement Syndrome–which they use to explain away the problem that the majority of Americans have with Mr. Bush. “Oh, they have BDS, you can’t take them seriously!” You get that on NRO or other right-wing sites a lot. But there’s a good reason people dislike him, and it has nothing to do with the fact that he mangles the English language so often: he’s done a shitty job. Really, he has. Don’t make me list it, you know what’s happened. It’s not deranged to think he’s been a poor president. The guy has been a disaster, and he is tremendously unpopular because of it.

Now Hillary is running for president and people really hate her and I can’t figure out what she has done to earn it. Policy-wise, I know that conservatives think she is too liberal and liberals think she is too conservative, but you could say that about a lot of the candidates. Is it her voice? I know that it bothers me some. She has been accused of being cold and unemotional and then today she was accused of being too emotional–or faking emotion–by crying. Is everything calculated? The laugh, the hair, the smile? (Please. She doesn’t hold a candle to Romney.)

It all seems pretty petty to me, and quite unfair. I don’t like it. But she still isn’t going to get my vote, at least not yet. And so you see why I haven’t answered myself adequately here. And so this post has gotten nowhere. This is The Hillary Situation.


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