The Gravity of the Situation


It’s going to be a busy week, and I’ll be gone on Thursday, so this is it for now. Where am I going? Well, a journey to the center of my mind. I mean, Wisconsin. The center of it. It is a grand and noble mission: Milk at Midnight will be performing, for the first time ever, the long-incubating rock opera/concept album in its entirety at a fest in Montello, WI.

The (still!) as-yet-untitled rock opera is based on the life and times of the fictional daredevil known only as Revie. The musical journey follows the once-world famous star’s fall from grace and his epic drive toward redemption as he realizes the only way to win back the love of his life—and the fame he once had—is to get back on the bike and make one final jump! Will he make it???

So that’s where my head is at. Barring the death of any more major superstars, I’ll be gone til next week. Happy Birthday, America, and don’t let gravity keep you down.

Photo taken at Foster Ave. beach.


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