The Endless, Soul-Numbing Campaign

Not much activity here but you can still find my continuing coverage of the election season over at the Examiner. Today’s article concerned The Donald’s momentous endorsement of Mitt Romney and more:

Romney is not the glib talker that Bill Clinton was or the inspired orator that Obama is; instead there is something…odd, unnatural, disturbing…about the way he speaks. He is not the word-mangler that George W. Bush was—an unreachable bar, most likely—but Romney has a way with not having a way with words.

The ad against him will be one long string: Mitt Romney will bet you ten thousand bucks that corporations are people too and he’s not concerned about poor people but by gosh he likes to fire people, all while singing “America, the Beautiful” out of tune.

The permanent link to my articles at the Examiner can be found here.


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