The Curious Case of George W. Bush

I didn’t realize “24” was showing two more episodes last night! Now I’m behind two hours. I guess the internets will have to help me catch up. Not sure what to make of it just yet. What I did see yesterday instead was the final Bush press conference, which really endeared me to this great man.

Kidding. That was truly an awful spectacle. He made news for finally admitting to actual “mistakes,” even if he couched some of them in the less damning term, “disappointments.”* But what struck me was his disconnect to actual reality and what people are going through. His take on Katrina is enlightening in that he views it from his seat in Air Force One: was the slow response really affected by whether he landed the plane or not? Of course not. But that’s how he sees it.

And this comment about the fun they had in the White House seemed totally inappropriate in the context that he said it:

Even in the darkest moments of Iraq, you know, there was — and every day when I was reading the reports about soldiers losing their lives, no question there was a lot of emotion, but also there was times where we could be light-hearted and support each other.

What’s wrong with this man? Imagine the comfort that a grieving parent or child would read from this statement. They were able to have light moments despite the deaths of many soldiers. We know what he means–the White House wasn’t a glum, dark place to be in for every moment of the eight years, but have some sense of context!

I truly wonder what people are seeing when they talk about the “likability” of this guy. I know, not many say that anymore, but still. His petulance and disdain are the most prominent features he displays in public, for you and me and anyone who doesn’t admire his “hard decisions.” Quite simply, he seems to be a real dick. Let’s hope that this is my last word on George W. Bush.

* For the record, the mistakes Bush acknowledged were:

– The “Mission Accomplished” banner.
– The attempted  Social Security reform.
– Abu Gharib.
– Iraq not having WMDs.

You can add to that:

– The Katrina response.
– Ignoring 9/11 warnings.
– The Iraq War, in its entirety.
– Sanctioning of torture.
– The economic situation.

Oh, and I’m sure there’s more but who’s counting at this point? One week left!


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