The Anti-Dumb War Pro-Dissenting Patriots

One of the soldiers who wrote the NYT op-ed, and who died a few days ago, was praised by his father:

“He didn’t agree with all of the politics, but he would do his job and do his best. He wasn’t against what they were doing, but against some of the policies. He was not in any way anti-military. But he wasn’t somebody to follow along blindly.”

Sounds like a good American, a patriot. But by right-wing definition–by Limbaugh or Malkin or Coulter or whomever–this man is just another treasonous traitor. Imagine that he didn’t agree with all of the politics, but he was not in any way anti-military. Indeed, he was in the military! Is it possible to fathom that an actual soldier fighting in this war did not agree with its politics, much less us ordinary citizens? Of course it is. To some of us. But to others it is considered anti-patriotic to not support the mission, even anti-military. Imagine the small mind that is necessary to hold on to that notion.

It has been weak from day one, but this argument needs to end; it is an embarrassment that it ever gained traction amongst the conservative nut-wing. Let me demonstrate my patriotism:

I think Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rumsfeld are/were full of shit and have been lying from the start about this war; I think Petraeus is carrying the water for them now; I think the war was wrong, is wrong, and needs to end; and I do not support their representation of our country over these past seven years. I am anti-dumb wars and pro-smart choices. I am anti-following blindly and pro-questioning and dissenting. The argument is over, got it? Good.


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