Subaru Presents…

Well, this is it. What else can be said? This could be the greatest moment in Chicago Bears history…defeating the Packers and heading to the Superbowl. Oh. My. God. I can’t stand it!

But first there is the business of show. Milk at Midnight will return to the stage at Quenchers (Fullerton & Western, Chicago, IL) tonight for a very special acoustic performance, on what will no doubt be the coldest night of the winter. It always happens that way. We vowed to never play shows in the dead of winter but…our good friends in Magnetosphere and the Trilobytes have asked us to open up for them, so it will surely be a warm and inviting atmosphere surrounded by millions of beers and smiling faces. Who wants to stay home on a night like this anyway?

And no, I do not drive a Suburu.


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