I rarely, if ever, comment on other web sites, but every now and then I read something and have to respond. I prefer to write personal emails instead of writing some blabbering look-at-me comment on an anonymous site. I’ve had various conversations with people from National Review and other places, and all of them respectful and free of antagonistic sniping (well, except for the thin-skinned Jonah Goldberg–he quickly banned my email after a very brief conversation that contained no profanity or abuse, just too much truth; it’s like kryptonite to him. He prefers simple drawings, like a smiley face with a Hitler mustache).

A lot of these people I’ve never heard of, like Michael Ledeen, who I later looked up and found to be a player in the Iran-Contra scandal and part of some shady Italian right-wing groups. We had a pleasant chat one day.

Anyway, today I saw something and had to write the author, another person that I have no idea who she is, named Mona Charen. She wrote about Obama’s far-left tendencies and offered that he should not be elected “president of a country that I sincerely believe he does not love.”

I know, it’s funny and I should just let it go, but I couldn’t resist. I wrote to her and told her, among other things, that I don’t believe that she really believes that. Really, Mona? Come on. I sent the email at 9:48am and I later looked at Sullivan and saw that he posted this at the exact same time (10:48 Eastern).

I doubt that she will respond–something this wacky usually becomes hard to defend in a personal email. Instead it is thrown to the partisan wolves that read The Corner and accepted unquestioningly. You add his crazy pastor into the mix (don’t all religious folk talk nonsense?) and Michelle Obama’s supposed lack of pride in her country (cue the fake outrage!) and you’ve got the makings of a real nice meme for the nutjobs. Of course, Obama does not love America!

This is how it works. Except that, this year, it won’t fly. The wackos are almost done. This is kind of like the last throes. Ask Dick Cheney, he knows what that means.

UPDATE: I guess I’m in much company with this one, not only Sullivan, but now I see John Cole over at Balloon Juice saying similar things.

UPDATE II: I should have checked with Glenn Greenwald. He covers the “high-level right-wing discourse” with his usual thoroughness. And he even adds this regarding Jonah Goldberg:

“The only thing one really needs to say to make the same point is that the book they’re all buying and finding so riveting is one that has a picture of a yellow happy face with a Hitler moustache on the cover…”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!


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