Re-Post Ass

I went over to the old Daily Kos and posted a diary of that last entry (Democracy Now…and Then) and re-titled it “John Kerry Finally Ready to Kick Ass.” I came home tonight to see that there were quite a few comments on there (for me anyway). It seemed to get a few folks’ undies in a bundle, which is always fun.

In other news, Utch and I spoke of The Doors song “Indian Summer” tonight and now as I shuffle my entire iTunes library randomly it has come on. 5570 songs, 81.2 days and 22.72 GB worth of music and the whole world is just a coincidence. For the record, Iron and Wine’s “Free Until They Cut Me Down” came next and then The Strokes’ “Last Night,” which is a riff ripped from Tom Petty’s “American Girl” and you can see those two bands playing together at Mayor Daley’s Meigs Field tonight (9.14 & 15). It’s all just coincidence.

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