Ranking the Cub Failures

A review in the Tribune of the misery and the heartbreak. 1984 was my baptism, but I was still too young to know any better, or to realize that this was a continuing pattern. The 4-1 series loss to the Giants in 1989 is underrated for its misery index. After that, a decade of garbage and Sammy Sosa until the wild-card year of 1998, where expectations were low and ended quickly with a sweep in the playoffs.

The 2000’s, however, have just been painful. This year’s team was easily the best one of the bunch, and yet the results are the same. I can’t make any sense of it. I will stop trying now and pivot my low expectations to the Bears, who will not be in the Superbowl this (next) year, no matter how good they look beating up the (awful) Lions.


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