Politics of Smear

“This idea that we need to know more, like there’s some dark hidden secret, some secret link, is just a myth, and it’s a myth thrown up by people that wanted to exploit the politics of fear,” Ayers said. “And I think it’s a great credit to the American people that those politics were rejected. The idea that we should continue to be frightened and worried and barricaded is falling down, and it should.”

Bill Ayers

The more I read about this guy, and read his own words, the more I like him and agree with him. Including his views on Vietnam, and how it applies to the Iraq War. To the left of Obama, for sure, but we knew that. No apologies, none needed.

“I’ve been quoted again and again as saying, ‘I don’t regret it,’ and saying, ‘I don’t think we did enough.’ And I don’t think we did enough,” Ayers said. “Just as today I don’t think we’ve done enough to stop these wars and I think we must all recognize the injustice of it and do more.”


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