Politics As Usual?

It’s annoying to hear political people talk like marketers, even though that’s what they are. The use of the word “brand” has really picked up this year. As in, “the Republicans have done major damage to their brand.” Can’t we just say that they have done a bad job? How about “the GOP really has sucked balls under the leadership of George Bush”?

Well, whatever. That’s not really my point. It is this, about Barack Obama and what a “well-connected” Democrat insider thinks about his campaign:

Yes, party leaders are irritated at the Obama campaign’s go-it-alone style.  “Another Democrat said that they want to do this without help from anyone inside the Beltway,” my source says, “because they want to arrive in town and not owe anyone anything.

Hmm. Arrive into town and not owe anyone anything. Yep, that’s Obama: politics as usual!


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