Pitchfork ’09


So. Pitchfork. I went Friday and then Sunday. I complained elsewhere about the lines and the 312 beer so I won’t do any more of that. Apparently they figured out by Sunday that they should add more port-a-potties, which is rather slow reaction time in my book, but hey, it worked, kind of.


These were green people that I saw walking around.


I didn’t bring my camera on Friday so I don’t have many pictures of other bands, but this is the Vivian Girls, who I saw for a bit. I was expecting a little more S-K in their sound, and the vocals were kinda low, so it didn’t work for me. Not bad, but…maybe better on record? I don’t know.


All of my good pictures are of the Lips. And let’s face it, their color scheme goes well with my site. This is Wayne before they even started, getting people fired up.


Wayne in the big ball. OK, I have a complaint. The Lips were good, yes, and they put on a hell of a show, yes. But imagine how many more songs they could have played if Wayne had not rambled on, and on, and on, in between songs. Seriously. At least two more. There was nothing he said that we didn’t already know. Stop talking, start rocking!


But this picture rocks, Wayne on the doubleneck and drummer (name?) thrashing away. I was disappointed with the setlist though. I’m glad they played a couple new songs, and a couple of other “rarities.” But I was disappointed that they didn’t play more songs that either a) rocked, or b) hadn’t been rocked many times before. The “Yoshimi” songs slowed down were kinda lame. And yeah, I don’t need to hear “She Don’t Use Jelly” or “Do You Realize?” again for a long time.

Let me rephrase this: the Lips would have done better (made me happier) if they ignored the songs that are most popular (and overdone) and just kept it weird. I was skeptical that they even were following the Write the Night concept, but the setlist kind of bears it out. So maybe they did play the songs that most people voted for, but unfortunately they are way too popular (not cult-ish enough anymore) to have that setlist turn out well. Or, interesting. To me.

It’s hard to not enjoy the show though, and so of course I did. But as someone who voted excessively for “Pompeii am Gotterdammerung” from the last album, I was hoping for weirder choices, that’s all. Do we always have to be a crowd-pleaser, Wayne?


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