Part II Lollapalooza 2006 Chicago, IL – Hot Fun Summer Sun Good Times People Rock And Roll

Keep the fire burning. Burn off the excess fat. Let me check the scales … 139! Not too bad, I guess, what do I know? Where’s Mad Max? Why won’t Lieberman just take it like a man and go away? What’s Plan B? What is all this random shit?!?

Sorry, just my head getting back in shape, or shaping up, or not all there still. Why not some more pix? OK, hello great city and fountain at night, here you are:


Remember when I was talking about that old hotel? We were lost and roaming the halls and opened a door to find this ancient stairwell and low howling, moaning, ghosts of drunken years past. Soon a security guard came and moved us along:


Here’s the subway stop where we were playing catch and lost a ball on the tracks:


And why not a few more Lolla scenes, like Wayne’s big hands, on the big screen:


And here’s Andrew Bird, on the big screen:


Carrie of S-K, big screening it:


Corin of S-K, big screened:


Jack White. Yeah, he’s on the big screen too. I like his shirt:


Iron & Wine. Is it Iron or is it Wine? Whatever, it’s up on the big screen:


And that does it! There will be no more pictures from Lollapalooza 2006! Thank you and good night!


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