Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood (and one more year ’til decade’s end)

As usual, I have avoided year-end and decade-end lists, but Roger Ebert is the Man, so I read his. The best film of the decade, according to Roger, was “Synecdoche, New York.” Fascinating choice, and I agree that it was a great movie. I don’t know if it was the best but damn good anyway.

I couldn’t help but notice, though, the absence of “There Will Be Blood” on his list. I have not even thought this through, and I don’t want to make a list, but it seems to me that if I were to make that list, TWBB would be at the top. I mean, what a film! I can’t think of one that tops it. Well, now I’m gonna have to do some research…

On a side note, the comment section of Ebert’s post has me now wondering about the whole decade thing, and whether it should end in 2009 or 2010. If you start with Year One…then 10 would mark the end of the very first decade, yeah? The end of year 10. So January 1, 10 begins the second decade. And so on. Hence, we have one more year to go, yes?

But the other side of the argument seems to be that the 2000s begin at 2000 (makes sense) and therefore January 1, 2010 would mark the start of a new decade. So. You have your 90s and your 00s and now we’re in the 10s. That makes sense in itself, but…the problem with that is Year Zero. It does not appear to exist. The first year was One. Right? So…I think we have a year left, unless I’m missing something. Mmmmm, pull out the bong and figure it out, eh?


OK, I did a quick look over the films that I gave 5 stars to on Netflix and then pared it down to this list. Very difficult. The top 5 or so are in order I guess, but then the rest I can’t give numbers to. This still doesn’t solve the decade problem, though.

There Will Be Blood
Lost in Translation
The Royal Tenenbaums
Synecdoche, NY
Donnie Darko
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Whale Rider
Kill Bill vol. 1 & 2
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Life Aquatic
21 Grams
Hotel Rwanda

And then if we want to be official about it, here are the documentaries:

Grizzly Man
Fahrenheit 9/11
Man on Wire
American Movie
Bowling for Columbine


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