Obama-Mama Jeans

This is serious business. Was Prez Obama wearing Mom Jeans? I didn’t watch the All-Star Game (baseball and I aren’t getting along this year) so I missed all this. The White Sox garb I have no problem with, I’m glad he’s not taking the wishy-washy, politically expedient way out the way some do (ahem, Hillary in a Cubs hat Yankees hat), but those jeans? No. Not good. Dude, seriously, this is Serious Business. Lose the Mom Jeans and we’ll talk. And that pitch could use a little muscle, bring it up and put some heat on it.

In other news, it’s another busy weekend. I hope to see The Jesus Lizard and Built to Spill tonight (if my ticket connection goes as planned) and then the Lips and more on Sunday; no Pitchfork on Saturday for me. It’s crazy how the summer just flies with all the activities and stuff. Lolla is right around the friggin corner too, oh my.


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