Myths and Legends

A lot of fallout is coming from Scott McClellan’s new book, and it is delicious, but let’s get this one front and center: the myth of the liberal media. The right has been whining like babies about this for so long that it has somehow been accepted as fact, and even cited as a reason for Fox News’ existence–it’s to counter-balance all of the liberal bias, of course.

It is bullshit and it’s always been bullshit. What the right calls liberal bias was actually known as “journalism” when criminal Richard Nixon was uncovered and brought down. The liberal media helped Ronald Reagan win two terms and become the beloved hero that the right makes him out to be, despite his involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal and disastrous economic policy. And, as McClellan points out, the deferential liberal media stood by silently as George W. Bush led the country to war in Iraq without justification or necessity.

The bias that hounded Bill Clinton through two terms and impeachment? Liberal media disguised as tabloid right-wing media!

John McCain has been riding a wave of “maverick,” straight-talk liberal bias for years, while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama face daily inquisition on the slightest of minutia with no relevance to their campaigns. Let’s not forget about John Edwards’ $400 haircut! That was important stuff that the liberal media tackled.

There is no liberal bias. It never existed. The only truly biased media coverage that this country has is on the Fox News Channel, and everyone knows it. The rest are simply overcompensating after years of right-wing bitching.


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