Michael Moore, American Hero

Michael Moore so perfectly encapsulates the anger and disbelief that I and many have felt during the past six or seven years in this interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN from the other night.* I really hate the term “mainstream media,” and hoped to never use it here or anywhere else, but as one who doesn’t pay much attention to it (no cable, after all) it still seems obvious that there is a certain lack of quality (read: journalistic integrity) to the national news.

Moore lets Mr. Wolf have it, and justifiably so, for if it wasn’t him then it was some other goofy-named stiff behind the camera who failed to ask the questions and kept getting the facts wrong, and it’s about time someone call them out on it on live television. They’re all culpable. Moore is dead on in asking for an apology from these buffoons.

I haven’t seen SiCKO and so I have nothing to say about it yet, but I will go back and emphasize, as Moore does here, that the same goofs tried to do this with Fahrenheit 9/11, by claiming that the facts were fudged and other such bullshit. But, as I wrote recently to Andrew Sullivan**, who does not seem to like Moore or his films very much, what about that film wasn’t true? I mean, what actually didn’t happen?***

George W. Bush is the star of the film. It is really him that says and does the things he does in the film. No one had him act out scenes of vacationing in Texas for the month preceding 9/11, clearing brush as the threat loomed, or bravely golfing in front of reporters (“now watch this drive”); he simply did it.

Bush did sit in the classroom as America was under attack, fidgeting nervously and doing absolutely nothing. Reading “My Pet Goat” with children.

And America did go to war with a country that had never killed one single American citizen, a war that continues this day to have no reasonable justification or provocation or legality. Or a way out.

Who, exactly, has not been telling the truth? Perhaps Mr. Wolfman of CNN knows.

One other thing: Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff was in Chicago today warning of future attacks, saying the threat level is similar to the summer of 2001. Whether this is true or not, it is obvious that this war in Iraq is irrelevant to our safety here. The threat will not be any less if we continue to bomb insurgents in Iraq, or al-Qaeda, wherever they are, because, as before 9/11, they are already here.

Bombing Iran won’t do it. Bombing Afghanistan won’t do it. Bombing your local mosque won’t do it. Really, Mr. Kristol, it won’t.

If you think otherwise, there’s a brush that needs clearing down in Texas somewhere.

* Here’s part two of the CNN interview.

** No reply from Mr. Sullivan.

*** See the Fahrenheit 9/11 six-section factual backup for more.


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