Meme’s, Inc.

These are some strong words, right?:

“Obama is to me a quality human being and someone that, given the limitations of the two-party system, that’s trying to do a good job. But I have to grade the whole thing on a curve because the two-party system to me is not yielding the results I want to see. I think what really is the problem with the two-party system is that it’s very difficult for people without power to make a difference unless they try very hard. But the more people that do try, the easier it gets.”

Eh, not really. I pretty much agree with it. So what’s with the liberal (NBC) media headline: “‘Hope’ Artist Shepard Fairey Not Pleased With Obama’s Performance”? Yep, that is the real headline.

That’s the entire quote up there, spread throughout the article, by Fairey. Never said he wasn’t pleased with Obama. In fact, he said he was a “quality human being, trying to do a good job.” Huh. Pretty safe, bland story. That’s not gonna work though, is it?

Why is this a big deal? It opens a door. It allows someone to put it together with another story about Obama reconnecting with Latino and African-American voters and give it a headline like “Obama Plays the Race Card,” and just like that, you are Matt Drudge, selling more bullshit to dummies. Why, you may even get the wrong impression. Wow, not even that “Hope” artist is gonna fall for Obama’s race-baiting! When you lose him you’ve lost America! Obama, you’re finished!

With friends like the “liberal media” who needs Fox News?


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