Be glad McCain isn’t calling the shots:

Every last statement he’s made–at least, those that I’ve seen–has been (a) fabulously uninformed and (b) dangerously bellicose…The point is, neoconservatives like McCain and Wehner just can’t seem to quit their dangerous habit of making broad, extreme statements based on ideology rather than detailed knowledge of the situation in Iran and elsewhere. This was always the main problem with McCain’s candidacy–he would have been a trigger-happy President, just as Wehner’s old boss, George W. Bush, was. We are well out of that.

Just imagine if McCain and that Wackjob Palin were in there. Jeezuz! That was a close one! Palin–hardly worth mentioning her ridiculous Letterman feud–we knew was unfit for the job, but McCain? He should know better. Don’t these guys know how to handle things in a cool calm manner?

Alright, I’ll mention that ridiculous Letterman feud. What a friggin nut, this woman. What a bullet we dodged with this one! And what an insight into the people who follow her, with this Fire Letterman protest that drew 15 people. Watch the video at that link and know that America is a little saner with these people on the outermost fringes and not in power.

But this is perfect, Dave’s Top Ten last night: Things Overheard at the Fire Dave Letterman Rally. I really hope he keeps on pushing this thing like he did when McCain canceled on him. Enough with the apologies, Dave!


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