Maybe It’s Time to End It

I heard that Hillary Clinton gave a victory speech in Indiana but as I look right now it appears that it’s 51-49% race, with about 10% uncounted. Whatever, isn’t this enough? It’s over! After all of this I’m almost as tired of Clinton as I am of George W. Bush; they’ve become hard to differentiate over this long campaign.

What a letdown she was after all of the inevitable talk. I thought I would come to like her at some point, at least as a candidate, but it just never happened. I really hope that they leave her off the ticket (it’s always been a stretch, but there’s been talk lately); I would hate to have her drag Obama down.

Now it’s time to widen the lead against the Shit Talk Express and take back the last 8 years. Still a long summer to go. Even if this isn’t over tomorrow, as I think it should be, it’s time to hammer McCain. Hillary is done. What was the word everyone was using so loosely not too long ago? Toast.


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