Lolla’s lineup kinda sucks if you ask me, and if you’re here reading this then yer asking. Huh? Consider me underwhelmed. Glad I got the cheapies. Of course there’s a possibility that there are a ton of bands that I will be turned on to, and I certainly hope so. But looking at the lineup from the bottom up I see…Deerhunter, The Decemberists, Lou Reed and Jane’s Addiction as the only bands that I know and kind of love.

I know and kind of like Depeche Mode, Beastie Boys, Tool, TV on the Radio, Kaiser Chiefs and…Andrew Bird? I guess. Then there’s the rest. I know of many bands, like Neko Case (curious to see), Of Montreal, Vampire Weekend, and of course Snoop Dogg. But I saw TVOTR, Andrew Bird and Kaiser Chiefs at Lolla before, and I don’t really care about Vampire Weekend. Snoop is a novelty. And that’s about it. Pretty laaaaaaaame. (Technically I saw Beastie Boys too, many moons ago).

And then there’s The Killers. I can’t stand this band. I am amazed at their popularity. They have the most annoying front man in the world. They are Vegas cheeseballs. And they have the most annoying front man in the world. What else? That they are listed as the third headliner bums me out. I hope that Tool is playing opposite them and blows their shit away.


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