La Mia Vita Violenta

Great bolts of lightning flash out the window now, just after midnight and the big rains over for now I guess, but still rumbles and threats. Coming down from a mad weekend of nostalgia and goofs, the high school reunion I never thought I’d go to. Too many strange and personal moments not fit for this Cabinet but let’s just say I’m glad I went. I’m not one who looked back on those days one way or the other, they were mostly just gone and I was better for it, but if there were ever uncertain thoughts or bad feelings about any of that time in my head (I mean who really, truly enjoyed high school that much?), well, they pretty much melted away for good. A weird kind of closure, I guess. Not that I needed it, or that there was anything in particular to close up. It just is. Hard to explain, but if you were ever thinking “no way, I’m not going, why would I subject myself to that?” I say you have to. Everything is so bizarre and funny and instantly a million years ago and too weird to imagine. I don’t know how else to put it.

I am now on a Blonde Redhead kick, hence the Italian title, also known as “My Violent Life.”

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