It’s Evolution, Baby!

Forget everything! Watch this and laugh, then weep, and then laugh some more:

New “View” co-host Sherri Shepherd on whether the world is flat!

I’ve never seen this show, but man, I really want to hear how this conversation ends! Wow wow wow wow . . . smart smart smart people on the television!


I have to say more on this, because, well, it’s just too rich not to. Because, well, the comments on this link are pretty hilarious. And because, oh, there goes religion once again, mis-educating and misleading and mistaking fiction for fact. I could be wrong about this, but from what I gather, these yappy hens are represented by an Iraq War/George Bush supporter, a global warming denier, a Michael Vick supporter, and this creationist, flat earth society genius. And Rosie is not a part of this anymore? What a show this must be!

The world is not flat. End of story. This should not be discussed as though there are two sides. We as a people settled this hundreds of years ago, and to be debating this on national television is an absolute insult to the intelligence of everyone.

comment on Huffington Post

I have an idea for tomorrow’s show: tell Sherri that we landed on the moon. “Moon? I don’t think about it. I’ve never thought about it. It doesn’t enter into my brain! I’m trying to feed my kids and all y’all are talking about landing a ship and walking on that giant piece o’ cheese in the sky? Shee-it. I don’t even look up at night!”

Whoopi: It was in 1969, we landed on the moon, really.

Sherri: Now I know you’re lyin’!


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