I Think I’m Dumb, I Think I’m Dumb…

When I say that “I hate to use the word ‘dumb,’ but man, it sure looks pretty dumb to me,” as I did yesterday, I think about people like this one who wrote to Andrew Sullivan to say

I’m a slow learner, and it wasn’t until Limbaugh’s announcement of Operation Chaos during last year’s primaries (plus considerable prodding from my four children, all fierce Obama supporters) that I finally realized I’d had it.

What precedes it is a brief window into the soul of a former right-winger, and it shines a light on the still-excruciatingly slow learning curve that seems to be the dominant trait of these types of people. I don’t think everyone should be Democrats or liberals in any sense of the word; just have some goddamn common sense! You don’t have to go one way or the other. You can be a reasonable person existing in the world without all of this stubborn resistance to intelligence or facts.

But man, I have so little patience with these kinds of folks, even as they see the light, so to speak. They talk like addicts and they act like fools. Hey, congrats on your “conversion” to sanity; now go take a shower and go to bed, dummy.


My further explanation to commenters:

I don’t think you’re getting the point of this post. It is a paean to reason and common sense.

Sullivan’s reader claims to NOT be immune to reason and yet was “constantly having to overlook banalities or make excuses for the excesses of the Christian Right” since the 1980s, felt a “growing unease” with the vicious attacks on Clinton in the 90s, almost (!) stayed home in 2004 because of Bush’s smug intolerance, and finally had an epiphany in 2008 because of something Rush Limbaugh did to try and affect the outcome of the Democratic primaries.

If the fair reader was not immune to reason, then what the hell kind of three decade vaccination did he/she take?


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