Howard’s End (Update Below)

Australian Prime Minister John Howard is hilarious. Like in a “beloved-croc-hunter-getting-fatally-stung-by-a-sting-ray-kind-of-way.” Crikey! Good news for Barack Obama: someone’s scared. When a conservative prime minister (albeit a Bush lackey like Howard) starts calling out a just-announced Democratic presidential candidate, you know there’s fear in Right-Wing Nutball Land.

“If I were running al-Qaida in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008 and be praying as many times as possible for a victory, not only for Obama but also for the Democrats.”

Really? You’re gonna stick with that? That old rehash from the last election? OK, tough guy. I get it: voting Democrat means voting FOR terror. Blah, blah, blah… Is this really the prime minister of Australia engaging in such intelligent discourse? I expect this from the Apologists on Fox, but really, Mr. Howard? Now listen up, mate:

“If Prime Minister Howard truly believes what he says, perhaps his country should find its way to contribute more than just 1,400 troops so some American troops can come home,” Obama said. “It’s easy to talk tough when it’s not your country or your troops making the sacrifices.”

Nicely put. Proud to have Mr. Obama from Illinois.


Glenn Greenwald, newest member of, expands upon the Obama-Howard debacle. I’m kind of bummed that Greenwald has moved, as now it is required to watch an ad before entering the site (or a subscription), but he is such a good writer and I suppose this will bring him to an even larger audience. Or not, I don’t know. I used to read Salon all the time and now I never do. Now I’m back.


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