Houses of the Holy

I saw Religulous over the weekend. Big surprise, I thought it was pretty good. It’s not there to change my mind, no, but you still shake your head watching it. Or, I did. Although I think Bill Maher is funnier on his show than he was in the movie.

A sad story about the pastor who died from a hail of gunfire in church yesterday. Not even the Bible could save him, although it deflected one shot. You’d think he had it all going for him…

In other news, I couldn’t help but click on this link from Drudge today in which a “Famed pastor predicts imminent catastrophe.” It takes you to a site that is so full of wackiness you could stare at it in wonder for hours. Or, you could just read real news, like this one about the Vatican excommunicating several doctors because they performed an abortion on a nine-year-old girl after she became pregnant by her step-father. Ah, it’s ridiculous, religion. First you want to laugh at it, and then you just get pissed.

Related: President Obama reverses the Bush ban on stem cell research. Trying to get back 8 lost years, piece by piece.


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