Honeymoon is Over

I’ve had zero problems with the transition moves of Barack Obama, but now Rick Warren? This fucking tool of the religious right is going to give the invocation at his Inauguration? I’d rather he choose Rev. Wright than this chump. I’d rather he choose…well, I can’t think of any religious figure I’d rather he choose. How about None?

I’m all for the unifying nature of Obama’s presidency and the possibilities that that may bring, but I believe that it is incumbent upon certain elements to prove worthy of such outreach. Rick Warren and the gay-baiting religious right are not even close. Fuck. Them. Let ’em stand out in the desert and wait for their water!

Why is it necessary to inaugurate the President of the United States with a religious nut? Can’t you leave them out of this for once? God, I’m so sick of religion in this country.


This is what I’m talking about:

Statement by Rea Carey, Executive Director
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

“President-elect Obama campaigned on a theme of inclusivity, yet the selection of Rick Warren to give the invocation is a direct affront to that very principle. This was a divisive choice, and clearly not one that will help our country come together and heal. We urge President-elect Obama to withdraw his invitation to Rick Warren and instead select a faith leader who embraces fairness, equality and the ideals the president-elect himself has called the nation to uphold.”


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