Green Eggs and Sex

Everyone knows I am a liberal-minded individual. I don’t care if people have sex in a tree or in the sea. I say OK to sex on a plane and say OK if the sex is the same. Sex and scrambled eggs or sex and long legs. Two or three, the more the merry! Six or eight, that could be great . . .

It’s all good fun, as far as I’m concerned. Bill Clinton? Don’t care. All those Republicans that have been caught in sex scandals since 1998? Don’t care. Yep, all 541 of them. Ah, I kid. Kind of.

The problem is, of course, the hypocrisy. And once again, we see it with the latest right-wing sex scandal. These high and mighty mf’er’s should really drop any pretense of “family values,” don’t you think? As Glenn Greenwald says:

How can any rational person argue that a political movement which constantly exploits claims about private behavior like this for political gain ought to be immunized from scrutiny as to whether their conduct is consistent with what they claim? If having “strong family values” is — as Craig claims — the reason “first and foremost” to support someone’s candidacy for President, then, by definition, whether one has “strong family values” is a politically relevant consideration for such a person. Craig’s own pronounced political standards render it relevant whether a married political official with children is having anonymous sex in bathrooms. That is just logically true.

Why are so many of these guys that are getting caught doing “unsavory” things also happen to be Republican? And why do they happen to be the ones who vote against things like same-sex marriage, under the pretense of preserving the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman? I really don’t care if these guys are gay and trolling airport bathrooms for sex or picking up male pages on the internet, I just wish they would quit the party line and come clean instead of legislating morality for everyone else, the hypocritical bastards. Morality is dead in the GOP! Give it up and live free, you creepy old SOB’s!


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