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You know, something else I was thinking about: after that Virginia Tech thing and the kid killed 32 people it was said that “now is not the time to talk about gun control” and all that bullshit. I disagreed then, and now, for one very big reason, which should be quite apparent one month removed from the slaughter:

No one is talking about gun control now.

The only time it is ever in people’s consciousness is right after something terrible happens. A little time passes and the healing process takes over and we forget how easy it was for this hugely unstable kid to get the guns he needed to kill 32 people. But no, we should mourn and give it space and not get into the politics of the matter. That would be in bad taste, yes?

Well, fuck that, I’ll see you all next time when the latest coward slaughters a group of people and everyone wonders just how this kind of thing can happen.

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