Gee You Dumb

Wow. I mean, I was kidding about Secretary Ayers yesterday but this guy is for real:

While there is relief that Chomsky will not head State, and Bill Ayers not be Secretary of Defense…

Victor Davis Hanson! Ha ha ha! Written today at 4:16pm! Chomsky will not head State. And Bill Ayers will not be Secretary of Defense. I mean, are these the dumbest people alive or what?

Are we to be happy then that the elected Obama is proving to be a realist and pragmatist with some fine appointments rather than the ideologue outsider who savaged Hillary or demonized Bush and caricatured McCain, or rather shocked that the apparent consistency is only the desire to find political advantage? Who knows? — I surely don’t.

You got that right, Hanson brother. You surely do not know shit.


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