Further Thoughts On The Coalition of the Dwindling

Perhaps Mr. Howard wants to step up and fill the void left by the coming British withdrawal?

Not a chance, mate. But what does this mean, when Mr. Bush says that the British leaving is a sign of success, and Mr. Cheney says it’s a sign of progress? In fact then, wouldn’t bringing the American troops home be a sign of success as well? I do not understand why it is a success for one and not the other. It would appear then that the right plan is to bring them home. Things are going great, says Cheney.

One thing is for sure, when it’s finally time for our troops to come home it will be because Mr. Bush says so, and not the Democrats. The conditions may not change one bit, but you can guarantee that one. One day it will change, magically, from “retreat is not an option” to “mission accomplished (part II),” and the right-wing nuts will suddenly insist that it’s the right thing to do. “Cut-and-run? That’s only what we call it when the Democrats say it!”

As for the conditions, how is the “surge” going anyway?

Blackhawk down and a dirty bomb today. Hey! They finally have chemical weapons in Iraq! Sounds like “progress” to me. No wonder the British are getting out.


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