Friday the 13th Part XXVIII

So, wow, Stewart really laid into Cramer. I really expected Stewart to hold back and make jokes the whole time but no, he lit him up. It was pretty sweet, though I kinda felt bad for Cramer, as he seems like a guy who knows he’s full of shit. Seriously, Jon Stewart is not only defeating them with comedy, he also crushes them with good old-fashioned smarts. And Cramer, by the way, is no right-wingin’ nut. An Obama voter, he is a Democrat who has said he agrees with most of their philosophy. I haven’t seen the whole interview, unedited on the site, but what I saw was as uncomfortable as a Jimmy Fallon interview. No, it was more uncomfortable.

Speaking of which, when I got home last night I got a text from the old Nitzer telling me to switch to Fallon. I did and caught a most unexpected surprise: Glen Hansard of Once doing a cover of R.E.M.’s “Hairshirt.” I haven’t found it yet to embed, but I will as soon as I can find it. Wow, that was awesome.


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