Frankie Say Relax

The gay Catholic conservative makes sense when no one else seems to:

I can’t for the life of me see how the Democrats retain the House under these economic conditions, but that cannot and does not mean that what Obama has done in his first year and a half is a failure. On the contrary. On almost all the substantive stuff, he has in my view done the right and responsible and sane thing within the almost impossible constraints he was presented with. And given the legacy he inherited, what he has done is simply not enough to perform an economic or political or cultural miracle. That’s the brutal truth and we have to face it. And if Americans thought they were voting for a savior, rather than a pragmatic president, they were deluding themselves.

Andrew Sullivan

Yeppers. This off-year election is not going to end the world. Well, it might if enough Tea Partiers get in but that’s another story. Democrats are going to lose a lot. Maybe if they had displayed a spine it would be different but as it is we have a watered-down party and a crazy party to choose from. What to do, what to do…


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