Flop is Flip

Note to GOP: change all black is white/up is down equations. This year, down is up and white is black.

Explanation: In 2004, John Kerry was the flip-flopping senator with the long record (and face), rich heiress wife, and out of touch persona who needed to remind everyone again and again that he fought in Vietnam. He was mocked mercilessly by the very same people who are now championing John McCain, the flip-flopping senator with the long record, rich heiress wife, and out of touch persona who can’t stop telling everyone that he was a POW in Vietnam.

Now, as I argued for Kerry then, having money has nothing to do with anything; look at the Bush family! They have so much money they built a fake ranch for George to pretend he was a Texan at. It’s a long way from Connecticut, clearing brush in Crawford. But everyone who runs is going have some level of wealth and connection. It’s not news. Unless they’re a Democrat!

Still, Bill Clinton came from nothing much at all, and Obama certainly has inherited nothing in his life, and both were fatherless, but somehow these stories are misplaced when the rich, elitist tag comes up. Obama wrote a book–by himself–and made lots of money from it. Two books, actually. Is he out of touch? Please. There is no other candidate who is more in touch than Barack Obama, certainly not any running in this election.

As for Biden, I like the choice. I started to wish for Hillary only for the reason that the election would be sealed quite easily with her, but besides Webb I think Biden is a good man to do the dirty work. And he’s likable, unlike his would-be predecessor, Mr. Cheney. As for Clinton, she blew it by going so negative, I wish she would have taken a higher road. There’s still hope for her in Denver tomorrow, perhaps. But I really wanted to like her, really, and I just couldn’t do it.


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