Expect the Worst

I did not watch the debate, I was busy drowning in depression as the Cubs fell to the brink. Unbelievable. They hardly resemble the team that won all year, the team with the best record in the National League. The pitchers can’t pitch and the fielders can’t field and the hitters can’t hit. It’s just a flat-out bummer. There is no curse, there is only 100 years of expectations, and everyone cracks under it. They’ll never win it, will they?

If the expectations were high in Wrigley, they couldn’t be lower for Sarah! last night. That’s when the Republicans operate best, when people expect garbage. Hey, that wasn’t total shit! Alright! Go, Sarah!

I’ll take the Trib’s word for it when they say that “she did not provide more confidence that she would be ready to step into the most demanding job in the world at a moment’s notice.” That’s good enough for the Party of Low Expectations, I suspect, but not for the rest of us.

Photo taken in Fontana, WI.


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