Interesting article on the huge exodus from the Catholic Church in the NY Times. The stuff about the pope and the condoms made me giggle, but this is more substantial, and revealing, when you realize that:

The bishops opposed the final version of the healthcare bill, convinced it allowed federal financing of abortion. The bishops ought to be “great cheerleaders” for the expansion of health care coverage, says Archbishop Dolan in the article, and he is correct, but…they are not. Yet, the bishops will not stop speaking out (archaically) on political issues like abortion, same-sex marriage and immigration.

Who is it that listens to these people anyway?

Well, the article also tells us that “one-third of Americans born and baptized Catholic have left the church, only half of young Catholics marry in the church and weekly Mass attendance has dropped to about 35 percent of Catholics from a peak of 78 percent in the 1960s.”

So, I guess there you have it.


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