Drive Time Doom

Tomorrow, Thursday August 6, join me on Chicago’s own, 89.5 on your FM dial. I’ll be on from 4-7pm with Adam, gabbin’ and playin’ tunes. Here’s the official jibber-jabber:

We’re joined by special guest and Adam’s good friend Danny Doom from the Chicago psychedelic rock trio Milk at Midnight.  In addition to guitaring and singing, Danny’s an avid political blogger and a father.  How does he find the time?  We’ll find out.

Also joining us in the studio? The Listener – please note the capitalization. I’m aware that technically speaking all of you listeners are joining us in the studio on any given day. This is an actual dude who is called The Listener.  I’m hoping he and Mr. Doom might enlighten us with a presidential report card and talk about the Most Famous Beer Ever Sipped, health care reform and whatever else Obama has been getting up to.

Got something to say about it? 888-635-1112. You know it.


Just in case this wasn’t clear, Vocolo streams online, just click up in the top right at this link.


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